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GrowthZone Training Resources

We provide software training options for every learning style and budget.

No-Cost Training Offerings

Online Step-by-Step Instructions Wiki

Our online wiki provides step-by-step, written instructions on all the features of the software.

This is the go-to resource for those questions that may come up as you use the software and just need quick instructions.

Use the search bar to search hundreds of topics.

GrowthZone Wiki

Live and On-Demand Training Webinars

An extensive curriculum is delivered by our training instructors via live and on-demand recorded webinars.

Our training calendar is changing regularly, with courses nearly daily, so check the calendar often.

Training Webinars Calendar

NEW - Role-Based Training

Our Role-Based Training will give you a general overview of the things that GrowthZone can help you do, customized to the role or roles you perform.

Role-Based Training Portal

How-To Video Library

Access nearly 50 (and growing) on-demand how-to videos and recorded webinars.

The library includes step-by-step video instructions for how to use core functions of GrowthZone software, as well as context-rich “5 Ways” training sessions to help you maximize the benefits of the software, and video resources designed for introducing resources to your members.

How-To Video Library

Association Industry Resources

Stay abreast of trends and industry insights. The Knowledge Library and the GrowthZone Blog are filled with association articles, white papers, guides, infographics, and videos on a variety of important industry topics.

Knowledge Library

GrowthZone Blog

1-Hour 1:1 Consultation

“I don’t know what I don’t know.” If this rings true for you, a 1-hour 1:1 consultation with our Engagement Team is ideal.

We'll review your use of the software and determine areas to help you with your goals.

The structured consultation can include setting up your integrated payment process, integrated billing, and auto payment options; improving your website; optimizing your member sign-up; better-leveraging GrowthZone for event registrations and payments; or utilizing our mobile staff or Member Plus apps.

Schedule a 1-hour consultation at a time convenient for you.

Expanded Training Offerings

Regional Classroom Training

Throughout the year, we schedule periodic two-day classroom training sessions at varying locations for in-depth, hands-on instruction for GrowthZone users.

Cost: $249/person for a two-day session.

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Customized Onsite Training

Bring GrowthZone training directly to your team of up to 20 people.

We'll work with you to customize an agenda to suit your needs.

Cost: $3,500 for one day of onsite training, plus $1,000/day for each additional day. Price includes trainer travel expenses.

If you know of other chambers/associations in your area that use GrowthZone, you can invite others to split the cost.

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NEW 1:1 Personal Engagement Sessions (4 Sessions)

Similar to a gym where you may need some help getting re-engaged, learning how to use a machine, or planning out what steps will get you the best results for your goals, our Engagement Team can be your GrowthZone personal trainer.

These sessions are tailored to your specific area of need(s).

A package of four 1-hour 1:1 sessions can be used in the timeframe that works best for you (e.g., once a week for a month, once a month for four months, etc.)

Cost:  $399 for a package of four 1:1 sessions.

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Customized Online Training

Schedule an interactive online group training class presented via a web session.

We'll work with you to customize an agenda to suit your needs.

Half-day session for $500

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